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    Financial Well-Being: Elder Benefits and Protecting My Assets

    This is the short course to take to learn what the law is on protecting assets, qualifying for benefits, the 5 year lookback rule, etc. This course creates clarity and knowledge fast: so that you're empowered to make the decisions you need to in order to get the best financial outcome for you and your family without risk. Contact us at for the next class date!
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    Free Estate Plan Design Tool – Private Guided Plan Design Process- go at your own pace!

    Finally - a tool that puts the client in charge of their planning.  Know the protections right for you and build them into your plan. This mini course gives you clarity and immediate peace of mind, and it enables you to get the best price from the attorney of your choice to implement your design. How it works: 1. Register  - Contact us at for the next class date! 2. You'll get an email with a password to open your confidential and protected access to the course!
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    Personal Well-Being Self Assessment

    The ElderSmart® Process is based on a personalized plan managing and protecting all areas of the elder’s Well Being.  this assessment clarifies and creates a plan for the family to be in synch with to get the best outcomes for the following aspects of Elder Well-Being: -medical plan -caregiving needs -Social needs -safety -emotional needs; and more! Contact us at for the next class date!